Support Group – Women of Courage

Come Join Our Support Group!

This is a group specifically for Christian Women who experienced Childhood Sexual Abuse.

Many women who have participated in this group have also experienced other forms of sexual assault.  While there may be other groups that are more general in nature, this is the only group in Knoxville (to my knowledge) that is specifically for women who have experienced childhood sexual abuse.

Twice a month, on Thursday Evenings from 6:30 – 8:00 I host a Christian support group for Women who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse. This group is called Women of Courage. Fee per session is $10.

A new group will begin on Thursday September 12, 2019.

During group, members are invited to share what they are currently struggling with ( i.e. not-so-supportive family members, sexual issues, seeing the offender, triggers, nightmares etc.). Other members are supportive and share their previous struggles, offer advice and validation.

In group, no one will share their entire history with the group all at one time! That’s too triggering. Sharing takes place in small pieces when members muster up adequate courage to stick their toe in the water and speak out about a piece of their experience that applies to the topic being discussed.

For additional information, please contact me by phone or text at 865-719-4709. You may also shoot me an email at