About Tracie Walker, LCSW

Tracie Walker earned her undergraduate degree at Judson College, located in Marion Alabama earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in both psychology and sociology.  Tracie Walker obtained a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Tennessee in 1998. She have been in clinical practice since 1999 and has work experience in a variety of mental health settings, including inpatient and outpatient treatment of children, adolescents and adults.   In 2003, Mrs. Walker obtained licensure from the State of Tennessee as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

During graduate work,  Mrs. Walker was placed at Tennessee Christian Medical Center in Madison Tennessee where she was assigned to work in the Psychiatric Adolescent Inpatient Unit for 9 months, and the Psychiatric Adult Acute Inpatient Unit for an additional 9 months.

After graduate school , Ms. Walker was employed at Camelot Residential Treatment Center in Kingston, Tennessee.   Her next opportunity to practice was at Child and Family Tennessee, initially working with women in the Families First Program and later transferring to PASAAC (Project Against the Sexual Abuse of Appalachian Children) where she specialized in treating children and adolescents who had experienced sexual abuse.

In the summer of 2005 Ms. Walker left Child and Family Tennessee and opened a Private Practice in Maryville Tennessee located at the historic Moses Gamble House where she continued to work with children, adolescents, adults and families.  From Jan 2009 to Sept 2009,  Mrs. Walker remained at the Moses Gamble House as an employee of Life Line Counseling Center.

Mrs. Walker returned to private practice in Sept 2009, relocating her office to West Knoxville as an associate of Integrity Behavioral Medicine providing treatment for children, adolescents, adults, families and couples.

In January 2014 Ms. Walker moved to her present location at 224 S. Peters Road, Suite 110.

In October 2014 Dr. Ron Brown,  Psychologist, formerly with Integrity Behavioral Medicine, joined Tracie Walker’s office.  Dr. Brown provides Psychotherapy for adolescents, adults and families as well as providing psychological evaluations for immigration.   See his website at knoxvillepsychologist.net.

It is a little know fact, but Tracie Walker is a Champion Against Childhood Sexual Abuse!

Here is what Tracie would like you to know . . . .

First, I do not have a history myself. My journey as a champion against childhood sexual abuse began in High School, when two of my close friends disclosed their histories.

In my 30 year career, I have worked as a champion in many ways including speaking on prevention, investigating, obtaining a confession from a sex offender (who was successfully prosecuted and remains in jail), and provided court testimony in several cases that assisted the District Attorney’s office with successful putting the sex offenders in jail.   One time, a defense attorney subpoena‘d me to testify in court thinking my testimony would help the sex offender. That Defense Attorney was very disappointed in my testimony and the sex offender went to jail.

My most recent work as a champion against childhood sexual abuse is providing individual therapy for both children and their families devastated by sexual abuse. I also provide individual therapy for women who still struggle with their experience.   I have even worked with several women to heal their relationship with their mother. (These women had lots of anger towards their mother for not seeing the abuse, or not protecting.)

All this to say, I have a keen understanding of how sexual abuse can hurt children, women and families even years later and I have a strong desire to continue the fight against the trauma caused by the sexual offender’s actions against innocent children. My work now is to help heal those innocent children whether they are still children or now grown women.

So I know where to begin when sexual abuse is discovered in a family and can provide support and therapy to help the child and the family.    I know the “system”, understand the emotional turmoil and difficult decisions and life changes that come from the discovery of childhood sexual abuse.

I can help.

Tracie Walker, LCSW